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[links] Link salad flies to Vegas, baby

Superman Defies God, USA in Action Comics' Landmark 900th Issue — Superman never made any money, saving the world from Solomon Grundy...

Northwest Greenland Canyons — Oooh. A pretty from NASA's Earth Observatory site. Also, I note passim that this is what the Columbia River Gorge will look like during the next ice age.

Giant Squid Eye...in a Jar: Big Pic — (Thanks to David Goldman.)

The High Cost of Low Teacher Salaries

Undocumented Immigrants Paid $11.2 Billion In Taxes While GE Paid Nothing — Clearly we should require GE to show a birth certificate before it can get a driver's license.

Russia's Crime of the CenturyHow crooked officials pulled off a massive scam, spent millions on Dubai real estate, and killed my partner when he tried to expose them. (Snurched from Dark Roasted Blend.)

Birthers, buffoonery and a sad discourse — Birtherism is the evolution denialism of electoral politics. Intellectually and morally bankrupt, and just plain stupid besides.

?otD: Slots or tables?

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