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[links] Link salad gets ready to fly home to the West Coast, briefly

Subterranean Press quoting Gardner Dozois saying nice things about my novelette "A Long Walk Home"

Daring to be Imperfect by Robert V. S. Redick — This turned up in the Twitters yesterday, though I don't now recall who posted the link. Some great thoughts about craft, inspiration and perfection in genre fiction.

Feynman on Light — Via art guru James Gurney.

Nuclear Everything!Dark Roasted Blend with a review of the future that (thankfully) never was. My favorite bit of nuclear madness ever still has to be Project Orion. A launch vehicle propelled by external nuclear explosions. What could possibly go wrong!?

Hearts Beat as One in a Daring Ritual — (Thanks to my Dad.)

Why do Americans still dislike atheists? — My answer: because people who can't trust themselves without an external moral authority can't imagine trusting someone who doesn't require such.

Sexist Activists Are Sexist — The link between anti-abortion activism and rank sexism.

The Persistence of Conspiracy Theories — As recently noted to [info]ericjamesstone in an email, leftie conspiracy theories and delusions (Truthism, antivaxxers) don't get embedded in the mainstream media or the backbone of leftie politics. Rightie conspiracy theories and delusions (Birtherism, evolution denial), on the other hand, have become dominant themes in both the media and politics.

FBI Lies to Federal Court — Just in case you were feeling all warm and safe about the national security state.

Top Ten Myths about Bin Laden's Death

Pax bin Ladenis no more"The command-and-control paranoia that we see in this administration is antithetical to everything that we understand about freedom in our country," Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) declared on the Senate floor. Yo, Jimbo. You remember a little thing called 'the Bush administration'? Unitary executive? No? I didn't think so. Most Republicans have already happily forgotten that one. Look! George Soros!

?otD: Ever gotten the enhanced pat down? Would you like to?

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Hours slept: 7.25 hours (solid)
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