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Jay Lake

[travel|personal] Blurrrr and busy

Flew home from Las Vegas yesterday evening. Up now and getting ready to skive off to Kauai with [info]the_child shortly. We'll be back Sunday night.

In other news, I completed the revision draft of Kalimpura last night. It's already off to first readers. Also had a very productive discussion with La Agente about this book, Sunspin and various other business matters. We've got a handle on what I'll be producing this year, schedule revised to accomodate my upcoming treatments. Things are falling into place. It's good to have a plan.

I have small-scale minor projects including guest blog post or two, an article, a short story revision and a new short story, not to mention the Endurance galleys, some of which I'll try to get done on the Hawaii trip.

Or maybe I won't! Hah!

I do expect to post from Kauai, including likely some photo blogging, but I may not hew to my regular schedule or content. Y'all have fun while I'm gone.

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