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[books] Sometimes it's just fun to be a writer

On our way out of Portland yesterday, [info]the_child and I stopped at the airport Powell's, as I am wont to do when I have time and they are open. (Doesn't work out when I'm taking those 6 am flights.) Powell's actually has three outlets in PDX, we were in the concourse D store.

I was extremely pleased to see the Green trade paperback positioned nicely on the front display table with a swell shelf-talker.

The shelf talker its own self

Also as is my wont, I checked with the booksellers about signing stock. A reasonable amount of excitement ensued. Booksellers Tony and Dianah were quite enthusiastic about me being in the store, and fetched stock from the other locations, plus Tony's personal copy of the Green hardback for me to autograph.

Photo courtesy of a passing book patron

Happy people selling good books, some of which are mine. It doesn't get much better than that. Times like this, when I am being welcomed by booksellers and readers, really are part of why it's so much fun to be a writer.

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