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[travel] Kauai, day one

Yesterday's trip was largely uneventful, other than the happy stuff at the PDX airport Powell's and the grumpy stuff getting Hawaiian Airlines to actually, you know, assign us seats on our Honolulu-Kauai flight. The airport in Lihue was pleasant, we got our rental car and promptly got rather lost looking for a supermarket to pick up a few snacks, etc. Oh, and there were feral chickens everywhere.

Trying to find the supermarket, we passed an abandoned industrial site of some sort. A mill, maybe. Being tourists on Kauai for the first time, naturally [info]the_child and I went back there to shoot a few photos.


Once we'd gotten that out of our systems, we drove on down to Popui, where our hotel is. There were feral chickens everywhere.


A gorgeous road.

We got lost again in Popui, but eventually found our hotel and checked in. After sorting ourselves out, we walked around the pool and the beach front, encountering a Hawaiian monk seal. There were feral chickens everywhere.


After that we flopped our jet-lagged selves out a bit, caught some dinner and made an early night of it.

This morning I went walking at 4 am (Hawaii time). I got safety checked by a very friendly police officer, saw some people harvesting I don't know what in the tide pools by flashlight, watched the night sky over the surf show me fourth- and fifth-magnitude stars, and listened to the roosters crow. There were feral chickens everywhere.

On the balcony now with the birds singing up the sun. [info]the_child has a surfing lesson in a couple of hours. Then we're off for a dinner cruise along the west coast of the island this afternoon. I suspect chicken will be on the menu.

Have I mentioned the feral chickens everywhere?

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