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[links] Link salad is back in Oregon where it belongs

Andrew Wheeler reviews Jennifer Egan's A Visit From the Goon Squad — Now I really want to read this book.

Peculiarium: Museum relies on a less-than-typical aesthetic — Another thing to do in Portland. (Thanks to Dad.)

Squids In Space--Seriously — Finally! (Thanks to David Goldman, whose editorial comment I am stealing.)

An Amazon Kindle Tablet in 2011? — Interesting stuff. Too bad it's from the corporate evil that is Amazon. (Longtime readers may recall my severe irritation at Amazon's careless abuse of their market power in blocking Macmillan print sales [ie, my books] during their unrelated Macmillan ebook negotiations last year, thus punishing authors over a dispute between Amazon and their publisher.)

Junun Musician Ahmad: Bin Laden Demise a Great Good thing for Muslims

?otD: Why aren't the Northwest Territories in the Pacific Northwest?

Writing time yesterday: 1.75 hours (Endurance galley edits)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride (I miss the beach)
Hours slept: 4.25 hours (did nap on the plane as well)
Weight: 242.4
Currently reading: Sasha 124 by Alex Tillson

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