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[links] Link salad wakes up acheing and sore - Lakeshore — LiveJournal
An author of no particular popularity

Jay Lake
Date: 2011-05-11 05:47
Subject: [links] Link salad wakes up acheing and sore
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Tags:books, cool, gender, iraq, links, personal, politics, religion, reviews, science, tech
Ursula K. LeGuin reviews China Miéville's Embassytown — A wonderful thing this review is.

Habitability Around Nearby Stars — Another great article from Centauri Dreams.

The Human Body, Searchable in 3-DA new tool lets people see the inside of the body up close and in great detail.

Institutional Encouragement of Gender Norms — State of Nebraska can't handle a male name change at marriage.

Ocean Noise Pollution Blowing Holes in Squids' Heads — (Thanks to David Goldman.)

Atheist Billboard in Fresno Vandalized After Only Three Days — If your beliefs are so tenuous that they can be threatened by a billboard, maybe you need to rethink them. Nah, easier to attack the billboard.

Is The End Nigh? We'll Know Soon Enough — Just because every single time the Biblical end has been proclaimed in the past two thousand years has been wrong doesn't mean these guys can't be right! Personally, I refer true believers to Matthew 24:36. Matthew 6:6 is a favorite, too. Amazing how many of our loudest Christianists ignore those two while insisting that carefully selected Old Testament verses are the literal and irrevocable word of God, who apparently shares their exact prejudices.

Just, juster, justest — Slacktivist Fred Clark with more on the ethics of the bin Laden raid.

Gingrich Run Reflects His Sense of History — Oh boy, just what this country needs. A moralizing scold and serial adulterer who already ruined the government once already. Remember kids, character counts! (Thanks to my Dad.)
?otD: When's the last time you had surgery?

Writing time yesterday: 1.0 hours (galley edits to Endurance)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 7.5 hours (solid, Vicodin-assisted)
Weight: 242.0
Currently reading: Sasha 124 by Alex Tillson

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russ: quo vadis
User: goulo
Date: 2011-05-11 14:08 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:quo vadis
Wow, I feel sorry for the poor dupes in the rapture article, even though they brought it on themselves... they're in for a rude awakening:
Now they are in Orlando, in a rented house, passing out tracts and reading the Bible. Their daughter is 2 years old, and their second child is due in June. Joel says they're spending the last of their savings. They don't see a need for one more dollar.

"You know, you think about retirement and stuff like that," he says. "What's the point of having some money just sitting there?"

"We budgeted everything so that, on May 21, we won't have anything left," Adrienne adds.
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User: threeoutside
Date: 2011-05-11 14:28 (UTC)
Subject: re: the Nebraska idiot bureaucrats
Ye gods. May I just say that not *all* of us Nebraskans are morons? Honest, it's true.
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User: mastadge
Date: 2011-05-11 14:46 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Last surgery? Middle of 2008, I guess. RF ablation in the ticker to deal with potentially catastrophic congenital arrhythmia.
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Twilight: Daria
User: twilight2000
Date: 2011-05-11 15:08 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Institutional Encouragement of Gender Norms — State of Nebraska can't handle a male name change at marriage.

Not just NB - WA had a similar issue when a buddy of mine wanted to take his wife's name about 5 years ago, tho in their case it was trouble getting it changed in the 1st place.

Retroactively refusing a change made 5 years ago? What about all the contracts he's signed in the meantime? Good lord, this could be a legal nightmare!
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User: anton_p_nym
Date: 2011-05-11 15:30 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Oh, man... I've seen that "end is nigh" up here in the Great White North, on a billboard I pass by it every day on my way to work. I don't think it garners much attention, though.

AotD; I'm one of the lucky ones; I've had no surgery at all, ever. (Came close to needing a tonsilectomy as a kid because my allergies were causing too many cases of tonsilitis, but thankfully we stumbled upon some antihistamines that worked for me.)

-- Steve's suffering grimly through some allergy-triggered sleep deprivation right now, though, to the point of being uncomfortable with the idea of driving. Fortunately, there's always the bus as an option...
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Steve: Anton Ego (Ratatouille)
User: anton_p_nym
Date: 2011-05-11 15:39 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:Anton Ego (Ratatouille)
Belated post-script; I just read the Gingrich article, and I have to say that I've never seen a more polite circumlocution for "legend in his own mind" than the one in the article. I'll have to steal it, if I can.

-- Steve wonders how many politicians are narcisists.
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User: shsilver
Date: 2011-05-11 18:46 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
So, if the Rapture actually does occur on May 21, does that mean we can have political discourse after May 21 that isn't hijacked by the Christianists?
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User: valarltd
Date: 2011-05-11 19:15 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Last surgery: inpatient or out?

Inpatient: tubal ligation, Dec 31, 1999
Outpatient LEEP, Feb 2006
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User: melissajm
Date: 2011-05-11 22:17 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
My husband took my last name, and while we had no "official" trouble at all, several people asked "Is that legal?" One person even got indignant about it!
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