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[personal|cancer] Brief, miscellaneous updatery

I'd meant to post more about my hair this morning, and I owe some photoblogs on Hawaii, but yesterday pretty much ate my life. Left the house at 5:15 am for a 6:00 am check-in for my port implant surgery. The surgeon used the same entry wound as last time, and reported trimming the old scar tissue away in the process. The dressing won't come off til Friday, so I don't know yet. There was only minimal blood in my hair this go-round, and I was able to rinse it out myself yesterday afternoon.

I spent the day in a post-operative haze, though I avoided the Vicodin until bedtime. I don't like having my head crowded out by medication when I can avoid it, and I have months of unavoidable head crowding starting this Friday.

Also, J&T came over yesterday evening and did yeoperson's work rearranging my house to optimize my living space for infirmity. Everything I need and use is now on the same floor, except my laundry. We also established that I definitely need a new dryer. On top of the $925 in medical bills racked up in the last two days alone, after insurance, that's an unwelcome hit. Ah, cancer.

Now, to Day Jobbery.

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