Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
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[links] Link salad awakens unhungry

Jupiter moon 'holds magma ocean'

Nanosatellite Will Look for Alien WorldsThe first tiny satellite to search for Earthlike planets is scheduled to launch in 2012. I'm not sure I'd apply the adjective 'nano-' to something that's over a foot long and less than two orders of magnitude smaller than the standard example, but whatever.

Tepco Says Fuel in 2 Reactors May Have Melted — Shorter TEPCO: We tried ignoring it but it didn't go away..

Former Michigan Asst AG (and stalker) Shirvell: 'I'm a victim of the 'Homosexual Activist Agenda' — Damned liberals and their self-righteous intolerance of legitimate all-American right wing bigotry.

?otD: Cake or chemo?

Writing time yesterday: 1.0 hours (galley edits on Endurance)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 9.0 hours (fitful, plus napping)
Weight: 232.6
Currently reading: Sasha 124 by Alex Tillson

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