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[links] Link salad reads Scalzi

A reader reacts to Mainspring

A science fiction author blogs his battle with cancer — Simon Owens on my journey back into cancer and chemo hell.

Geothermal without the EarthquakesAn underground "heat nest" design avoids the need to fracture the rock.

Robert Fitzpatrick Spent Life Savings Telling People World Will End May 21, 2011 — What you going to do on the 22nd, smart guy?

FLASHBACK: In 1983, Reagan Warned Of 'Incalculable Damage' If Debt Ceiling Wasn't Raised — Ronald Reagan: Socialist icon. I'm sure Rush Limbaugh can explain this away.

?otD: Fuzzy Nation or Little Fuzzy?

Writing time yesterday: 0.75 hours (finalized galley edits on Endurance)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 9.25 hours (fitful, plus napping)
Weight: 232.2
Currently reading: Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi

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