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[personal|food] Laying low, eating Thai

Yesterday I laid pretty low. My mental state was fine, but my lower GI went into open rebellion through much of the day. So I worked on some nonfiction projects for a while, then read and hung out in the small room. Later I also hung out with [info]the_child on her return from Seattle.

She wanted to watch Kick-Ass, which is a decidedly twisted movie. I wound up having to explain a lot of the filmic references, especially the music riffs. She's a bit familiar with John Woo, but it's not like she's ever bumped in Sergio Leone before, though now I suppose I'll have to fix that.

H— took me out for an early birthday dinner at Pok Pok in SE Portland, which was astonishingly delicious. Not that I had low expectations or anything, but it just hit the spot big time. We shared kai yaang (roasted chicken), yam samun phrai (herbal salad) and muu paa kham wan (grilled boar in spices), along with sticky rice. The muu paa kham was beyond exceptional, assuming you have any taste for pork or game in the first place, and I can highly recommend it. Also had a pineapple drinking vinegar, which was a completely new concoction in my experience.

Given all my weird dietary restrictions on the current chemo course, this meal was very nearly not cheating at all. Unfortunately once my oral intolerances start kicking in, I won't be able to handle the spice load any more. The meal was a real flame-thrower, to say the least.

Today [info]the_child has a lacrosse game in Hood River, OR, followed by her team party. As that's an hour+ drive up the Gorge, that's pretty much today sorted.

Do good, be well, write more.

ETA: Duh, I also walked all the way up Mount Tabor early yesterday morning with a friend, and back down again. Which isn't a bad walk even when healthy, and is a heck of a walk given current circumstances.

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