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[links] Link salad wonders what lies beyond the sky

Walt Disney Surrenders to Navy's SEAL Team 6 — A glimmering of sanity over at the Mouse House?

Ceci N’est Pas Une Roquette — Hahahahah. Symbolism, ah symbolism. A snaky look at art and sexy magic through the ages. Very mildly NSFW, though mostly through coffee spit-takes on the keyboard. (Via David Goldman.)

Streamlining — 1938 Hispano-Suiza Dubonnet Xenia. Gnuh. Why am I not a multibillionaire so I could experience this in person? (Thanks to [info]willyumtx.)

Cities as Software — A fascinating article on hacking urban infrastructure. (Snurched from [info]rekre8.)

Goodbye, Spirit: An Explorer of the Red PlanetAfter three months of trying to contact the Mars rover, NASA is calling it quits. Rest in peace, little dude.

Turbid Waters Surround New Zealand — An orbital photo of the Cook Strait. Hey, I've been there...

How the Rise of Apple Is Just Like the Rise of MammalsAn afternoon in the National Museum of Natural History yields some unexpected connections. From the really odd metaphor file.

Harold Camping wrong again, but what if 200 million people did disappear? — Snerk. What if 200 million people were gullible idiots, how much money would Harold Camping make?

Federal government must not skimp in rebuilding Joplin — What, wait? The government can do something good? Rush Limbaugh to the news room, stat. The liberal media strikes again. (Via [info]danjite.)

Franklin Graham goes the Full OlaskySlacktivist Fred Clark on the conservative/evangelical myth of faith-based social services. With, you know, actual data and stuff. From reality. That surprisingly does not conform to the conservative viewpoint.

Scalia Misstates Facts in Dissent — Imagine that.

Medicaid a Big Deal Too — More on the wide-ranging human and family costs of the Republicans' proposed cuts.

The Defeated — Conservative commentator Daniel Larison on Palin's new movie, and her presidential ambitions. Ah, it's loon season in America.

Selective Outrage about WarThis poster at reddit.com compares the various costs of Bush’s illegal war in Iraq to those of the UN /NATO intervention in Libya (which is not illegal in internationaL law) and asks you to guess which one Republicans are angry about. It's not like either one of those wars had a damned thing to do with 9-11 or national security.

The Crazy, Inexplicable Demand for a Paul Ryan Presidential RunThat should raise some questions about how short conservative memories are, underscore how easily many conservatives are swayed by the right rhetoric, and remind everyone how remarkably malleable the GOP’s new heroes are when Republicans had unified control of the government.

Bush Policies Dominant Cause Of National Debt — Tell me again where the Tea Party was with their great concerns for fiscal responsibility back when we had a white conservative present creating the mess they're so angry at Obama about?

?otD: Would you like to be Raptured?

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