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[links] Link salad sleeps a lot

Why would I not write what I mean??? — What the author really meant. I've had this thought since at least high school, myself. All the more so since I became an author as well. (Snurched from [info]deborahjross, who snurched it in turn from [info]rosehelene.)

Could Conjoined Twins Share a Mind? — Unusual neuropsych.

Osama bin Laden's cover 'was blown by one his closest allies'

Republicans seem to soften on immigration As the next presidential election nears, would-be GOP nominees are emphasizing sympathy for some illegal immigrants, in what is either a strategic feint or a reflection of changed political terrain. A glimmer of reality-based sanity in the GOP primary? With their voting base? Right. Also, this just in, monkeys are flying out of my butt.

?otD: Do you remember your dreams when you awaken?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hours (chemo)
Body movement: none (hopefully some walking to come)
Hours slept: 10.25 hours plus extensive napping (solid)
Weight: 232.2
Currently (re)reading: A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin

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