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[personal] JayCon XI wrap up

Though today, June 6th, is my actual birthday, JayCon was Saturday. Whew. That was something else. Photos and more observations to follow, surely, but yesterday was intense and rewarding.

I love my friends. In addition to my many local friends, folks came from the UK, Florida, California and Washington to attend JayCon XI. I'm not sure how many people we had, but it was well over 75. Maybe some year I'll actually do badges. I am so thrilled at everyone who showed up, some from very far away and at great trouble, indeed. Thank you all.

In addition, the first International Fuck Cancer Day generated some solid fundraising for the Clayton Memorial Medical Fund. My profound thanks to Donnie and Julia Reynolds for making that happen. Also thanks to Diana Sherman, Alex Tillson and John Pitts for keeping chemo-fuddled me on track before, during and after JayCon.

A few images:

Getting set up for the group shot

All the writers and artists at JayCon

Animal Eyes playing on Hawthorne

The Genre car from above

Jay Lake and cake
Cake by Janet Happe Lunde [photo by CrasherBug]

More when my brain is less tired.

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