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[personal] So you say it's your birthday, plus steampunky goodness

Well, yesterday was my actual birthday. I turned 47. To celebrate, I spent the day in Seattle at the home of noted urban fantasy author J.A. Pitts.

The Pittses brought me over to the University District for a very nice dinner with 25 or so of my closest friends at the Big Time Brew Pub, after which we all trooped over (in my case, very slowly) to University Books for a reading and discussion of Jeff VanderMeer's new opus The Steampunk Bible.

Cherie Priest, Libby Bulloff and I were the representative steampunks, and there were a good 50 or 60 people in attendance. The event went very well indeed, and at the end there was birthday cake.

Linda Deneroff very kindly took over my camera during the event, but I haven't had time or energy to upload the photos yet, so look for some photoblogging over the next few days.

All in all, the movable feast that is JayCon and my birthday was excellent. I received close to a thousand happy birthday messages yesterday via Facebook, blog comments and email from friends and fans around the world. You guys are amazing. It was like a fountain of love and affection and goodwill. Thank you. Stretching from my visitors last week through my Friday pre-party for my fly-in JayCon guests through JayCon itself and a quiet evening event to the Sunday brunch to yesterday's actual birthday, it's been an intense, highly rewarding celebration. My birthday season will wrap with a family dinner Thursday night with my brother, who's flying into town that day.

This is a tough, tough year for me. The energy of these past days will be a huge part of carrying myself forward through the medical hell to come. I can never thank all of you enough, but these words will have to do.

Thank you.

Now go read a book or something.

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