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[links] Link salad wakes up at home

The Best Hard Science Fiction Books of all TimeDiamond Age? Really? I love that book to pieces, but I'm not sure I'd have put it on this list.

Scrivener's Error with more on the banal evil that is the Google Books Settlement — And no, before you comment that Google Books is a net social good and explain to me how I'm full of it, I'm all in favor of the Google Books concept. It's the Settlement I object to, on grounds of simple fairness if nothing else. And yes, I opted out.

Why is 'chav' still controversial? — A BBC story about a British term that so far as I know doesn't exist in American English. Strange to read as a non-UKanian. This must be how much of our news looks to my friends overseas.

More on the secret life of Quebec Route 366 — (Via David Goldman)

Reichsgebiet.- Transportflugzeuge Junkers Ju 52 und Messerschmitt Me 323 E "Gigant" auf Flugplatz stehend; PK Eins Kp Lw zbV — Another x planes photo. The me-323 was one bizarre looking aircraft.

Could Liquid Nitrogen Help Build Tasty Burgers? — Wow. Weird, but wow. The article is about molecular gastronomy, but I really liked the disquistion on the history and proper cooking of hamburgers. (Thanks to Dad.)

Newspaper Map — A site that has access to newspapers from all over the world and even historical newspapers, translated into many languages, at the click of a mouse. (Via [info]threeoutside, who says, "This is one of the most awesome things I've ever seen on the Internet.")

The U.S. Constitution and "the Year of our Lord"The phrase "Year of our Lord," which is the only reference to God in the United States Constitution, was, of course, a standard eighteenth-century way of referencing the date. Christian nation. Check. Conservative delusion. Check. A pretty interesting little squib. (Via Dispatches from the Culture Wars.)

School Superintendent To Governor: Please Make My School A Prison — Wow. (Thanks to [info]silvertwi.)

Snow Job: When "Conservative Journalism: Is Just Purposeful Propaganda — All the time?

Billions and billions — In which GOP candidate Tim Pawlenty demonstrates that he is an idiot and that GOP voters are gullible. This assertion of his doesn't even pass a basic common sense test.

A Steward of Your Constituents' Interests — Ta-Nehisi Coates on Anthony Weiner. I really don't care about the dude's sex life, but his very poor judgment and his lying to the media and the public I do care about. And it's agonizing to see one of the relatively few active progressives in national politics go down so hard. To my conservative readers who may be wondering why I'm not mocking Weiner for his sexual peccadilloes as I so often do Republican, it's simple. Weiner may be an idiot and a proven liar, but he's not a hypocrite. He didn't get elected on a platform of moral virtue, and his political career wasn't built on trying to regulate the private sexual behavior of consenting adults to satisfy the prudishness and bigotry of his voting base. There are vanishingly few politicians in the GOP of whom those things can be said.

?otD: Going far?

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