Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer] Failed my blood test, no chemo today

I failed my blood tests this morning. My neutrophils (white blood cell precursor) are down to about 10% of my ordinary baseline, and about 20% of the minimum required to sustain chemo. As a result, we have postponed chemo untul next week. At that time I will receive a booster shot designed to bolster the neutrophil production, with the reasonable expectation that this problem will not recur.

This means my infection risk is very, very high right now. Unfortunately, there's a problem with the water supply in my area today, which I did not receive warning of in time, and I may have drunk some of the 'brown water' flowing through the pipes currently. So I may be in for a very unpleasant ride courtesy of the city water.

This also means my caregiver schedule for the next few weeks is screwed up and needs to be renegotiated.

It also means that my trip to Omaha in July with [info]the_child is off the table. I have almost no options for rescheduling that, but may try for the week immediately following WorldCon in late August.

I find this very frustrating, and it is causing a number of logistical challenges, but this is the way it goes.

Fuck cancer.

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