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An author of no particular popularity

Jay Lake
Date: 2011-06-16 04:47
Subject: [links] Link salad wonders if it should have been born a Cancer instead of a Gemini
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Tags:books, contests, endurance, gay, gender, green, links, mainspring, metatropolis, personal, politics, race, reviews, science, stories, tech, weird
Don't forget to enter the new Endurance caption contest: [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ] — I'll probably be closing it this evening and constructing the voting poll.

A reader reacts to Mainspring — Much with the liking.

METAtropolis reviewed in Romanian — Not so much with the liking of my novella, "In the Forests of the Night".

Fantasy Literature reviews Green — Not so much with the liking here either, I am afraid.

Scientists predict rare 'hibernation' of sunspots — (Thanks to [info]lillypond.)

How to Have Fun Like Monkeys, Whales and Foxes — I've been on dates like that.

How to Switch Off Friction In NanomachinesA new technique could reduce friction with the mere flick of a switch, say physicists. I've been on dates like that. Also, I have to ask, what is a "one dimensional surface"?

Deep sewer diving under New York — Wow... (Thanks to [info]danjite.)

Are All Gay Girls Secretly Men? — Julia Rios blogs at The Outer Alliance on this difficult and disturbing story of appropriation.

Tea Party Summer Camp: The Experience of a Lifetime — Freaky. (Thanks to [info]shsilver.)

Five myths about the American flag — Ah, reality. If this were a Wikipedia article, Palinites would be editing it right now to remove those biased facts in favor of conservative "truths".

Why Do Republicans Hate Clean Water? — The EPA does a lot of really good things for every American, regardless of political affiliation. And free market corporate self-regulation didn't exactly keep our rivers and air clean. In fact, forming the EPA was one of Richard Nixon's better moves.

The New Religion of Global Warming — Conservative ideological resistance to reality is observably hardening. As I've said before, no one comes to global warming denial on the merits of the data. They start there for ideological reasons, then look for data to support their beliefs. It's a lot like Christian apologia.

The G.O.P. DebateEventually, the winner of the Republican nomination will move away from the Tea Party’s anger to try to appeal to a broader electorate that has higher priorities than interfering with laws on same-sex marriage and upending Congress’s decision to welcome openly gay and lesbian soldiers. I know! Let's put the GOP back in power to fix the economy they ruined in the last decade!

?otD: What do you get if you multiply your blood type by your zodiacal sign?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hours (Dad time instead)
Body movement: 30-minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 6.5 hours (solid)
Weight: 234.4
Currently (re)reading: A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin

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User: joycemocha
Date: 2011-06-16 12:59 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
One dimensional surface=dot or point. Dude, didn't you ever read the topology book? I wish I could remember the title of it now, but it was one of those tongue-in-cheek post-WWII wry science-for-the-masses books that I loved to read, even though I was a total crash and burn in math. I got topology, even though at that point my abstract conceptualizing ability was just starting to kick in. Klein bottles, Mobius strips, etc...damn, wish I could recall the title and the book.
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Jay Lake
User: jaylake
Date: 2011-06-16 13:02 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I'm having trouble with the concept of a "point" being a "surface". By definition, doesn't a surface require two dimensions?
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User: joycemocha
Date: 2011-06-16 13:08 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:steampunk Lady Marie
Weeelll, topology gets a wee bit weeeirrrd. This fellow had some excellent scenario descriptions, including his perception of how humans would react to being thrust into a four-dimensional universe instead of a three-dimensional universe.

I want to say that the author was George Ganow, but I am not entirely sure that's correct. Whoever it was, managed to beat around the bush on that one. IIRC, a point is one dimension, a line is two dimensions.

Topology can get kinda weird and convoluted. Makes me wonder what kind of brain chemicals you have to produce on your own to get to some of those higher thinking concepts.
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User: joycemocha
Date: 2011-06-16 13:03 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:steampunk Lady Marie
And oh yeah, I can just see kid response to the Tea Party Summer Camp. In fact, I'd like to be a bug on the wall when it blows up. Under the age of middle school they might get away with it...maybe.
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Kevin Roche
User: kproche
Date: 2011-06-16 13:04 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I think by "one dimensional surface" they mean a plane (two-dimensional area) one that is perfectly smooth. Most macroscopically flat surfaces are not perfectly smooth at the nanoscopic (atomic) scale -- they'll have islands/ridges/mesas/lacunas that are a few atoms up or down from the average height.

A pair of one dimensional surfaces align much more precisely, which means there are many more opportunities for the atoms to form weak bonds with each other, thus increasing the static friction between the two surfaces.
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User: brownkitty
Date: 2011-06-16 13:31 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
?otD: What do you get if you multiply your blood type by your zodiacal sign?

I get either a waitress at a vampire cafe, or an altar boy. O- multiplied by Aquarius ;)
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mlerules: Bjork Diddy
User: mlerules
Date: 2011-06-16 13:50 (UTC)
Subject: Qx o' Day
Keyword:Bjork Diddy
B+ Virgo
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Danny Adams
User: madwriter
Date: 2011-06-17 18:40 (UTC)
Subject: ""Why Do Republicans Hate Clean Water?"
Back in the mid-1990s I was part of a large group in SW Virginia protesting the possibility of the new Interstate 73 going through a scenic rural mountain area. Folks from the city proper, primarily the two most affluent neighborhoods (which also happened to be back to back), mocked the protestors as NIMBYs (even though most of us weren't from that area). The following year, VDOT came up with a new possible route that ran I-73 right beside those two neighborhoods, and suddenly those residents acted as if they'd been fighting the highway all along.

This is a long illustration for a short point: The vast majority of people I've met who wholesale oppose the EPA / environmental regulations are those who don't seriously believe that loosening up or eliminating environmental protections will ever hit them at home. I'll bet if you dropped a uranium mine next to the opponents' neighborhoods, or let coal slurry flow down their backyard creek, or heavy metals showed up in their water table, they might have second thoughts about deregulation.

Edited at 2011-06-17 06:42 pm (UTC)
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