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[personal|cancer] Updatery

First of all, I feel pretty good, physically. (This is a relative statement, of course.) Skipping chemo for an extra week will do that to you. However, the consequences of that skip are already starting to cascade. If I pass my blood test today, I'll have chemo tomorrow and through the weekend, and the bulk of the scheduling problems will be recoverable. If I flunk my blood test today, then all hell breaks loose in my schedule. This is a source of irritation to me, though I have absolutely no control over the issues governing the problem, therefore the irritation is decidedly a dead end. On the plus side, if I do make chemo this weekend, there's a decent chance I'll make the Locus Awards next weekend, assuming I can find a ride to/from Portland.

Mother of the Child, [info]the_child and I spent several hours yesterday afternoon doing some Important Stuff regarding her education etc. That was time very well spent, but given my spoon management issues, I got no writing done. Which in turn is another mild irritant, regardless of the rightness of my cause in skipping writing time.

Workie bits are proceeding nicely at the Day Jobbe, my house is clean(ish), the grandfather clock chimes the hours and the lava lamp in my bedroom provides a pleasant glow. Really, life is okay.

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