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Date: 2011-06-20 05:23
Subject: [links] Link salad blinks into another week
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The voting poll for the Endurance caption contest is now open: [ | LiveJournal ]

Super-Sized Spores Make Fungal Infections More Deadly, Possibly Explaining Victims in Missouri — More on the Missouri post-tornado infection. Weird stuff. (Thanks to David Goldman.)

Mechanical Calculators — Some lovely mechanical photography. (Via [info]threeoutside.)

Fukushima Disaster Failures Kept Behind Closed Doors at UN Atomic Meeting

The difference between US and foreign reporting: [ OPPD Dispels Nuclear Meltdown Rumors In Ft. Calhoun | US orders news blackout over crippled Nebraska Nuclear Plant: report ] — Hmm, Omaha. (Thanks to [info]danjite.)

[Sec. Def. Robert] Gates: Winding down the Wars

Benefactor's Activities Raise New Ethical Concerns About Justice Thomas — What, an unethical party line Republican? Thelma, bring me my smelling salts.

The Tom and Jerry ProblemThis use-hate relationship, in which Palin manipulates us and we torture her, reminds me a little of Princess Diana, whose relationship with the press Tina Brown described as "a cycle of dependency and combat."

?otD: Is Monday the start of your workweek?

Writing time yesterday: 1.0 hours (WRPA)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 7.5 hours (solid)
Weight: 229.8
Currently (re)reading: A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin

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Steve: Anton Ego (Ratatouille)
User: anton_p_nym
Date: 2011-06-20 13:40 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:Anton Ego (Ratatouille)
Though the weasel-words in the US "press release barf-back" article about Ft. Calhoun don't exactly inspire confidence, I would like to note to readers at large that the item in the Pakistani paper cites "" for a quote... a site whose breathless paranoia and expansive conspiracy-theory narrative dwarfs that of WorldNetDaily. As soon as I saw that cite I stopped reading, as I had lost all confidence in the integrity of their sources.

-- Steve's no fan of of the "FoxNews-ification" of journalism happening these days, but there quite obviously is worse out there than even that notorious example.
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Max Kaehn: Zonk
User: slothman
Date: 2011-06-20 18:39 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Yep, Monday is the day I drag myself in to work. Now there are apparently professional sleepers— why didn’t I ever hear of that at the career fair?
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