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[links] Link salad wakes up on the shores of Lake Union

How self-publishing came of ageWhat used to be seen as a last resort is fast becoming the most successful trend in writing. Alison Flood talks to the authors doing it themselves. (Via a mailing list I'm on.)

Worldbuilding — Abi Sutherland is thoughtful.

Encinitas removes mosaic of Surfing Madonna from railroad bridgeThe artist who created and installed a mosaic, which came to be known as the Surfing Madonna, will pay a fine and other costs as Encinitas removes the work.

Stolen Apollo 11 moon dust recoveredThe US has recovered a scattering of moon dust stolen from Nasa after the 1969 Apollo 11 mission, just as it was about to be sold at auction.

A Spit Test for AgeResearchers are able to predict individuals' ages from DNA modifications in their saliva. Huh.

Ron Paul, Barney Frank Introduce Bill That Would End Pot Prohibition — I don't have much interest either way in pot personally, but as a matter of social policy our approach to recreational drugs is severely defective. I'm just as happy to see something like this, even if it is only symbolic.

DeMint: Republicans Who Vote To Raise The Debt Limit Will Be 'Gone' — Those rational actors of the Tea Party.

Number of Google searches for "God" and "free gay porn" in each U.S. state — The distribution is hilarious. You can bet that if the distribution were reversed, this would be a big story in ConservativeLand. Ah, family values. (Via Pharyngula.)

Gay marriage vote a milestone in New York — A rare defeat for Christianist bigotry. I am quite pleased to be reminded this country can be sane, principled and humane despite the moral bankruptcy of family values conservatism.

?otD: Ballard or Fremont?

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