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[links] Link salad girds to head south to Portland once more

A Physician's Perspective on Self-trackingHow can we get the average patient to take charge of their health?

The rise and rise (and rise) of Apple's iOS

The Luxury FrontierWhat happens when a country previously hindered by vastness and foreign rule awakens to wealth on its doorstep? With Louis Vuitton on one corner and one of the world's largest gold deposits down the road, the previously nomadic society of Mongolia is putting down some rich roots. Last time I was in Ulaan Baatar, the country was barely beginning to emerge from the blight of Communism. How things have changed. (Thanks to [info]danjite.)

Climate of Denial: Can science and the truth withstand the merchants of poison?Rolling Stone on the politics of climate change. History will not judge conservatives or the American business community kindly on this issue.

If we can make it there … — Slacktivist Fred Clark on the New York gay marriage vote from a religious perspective. Forcing the rest of the world to abide by the tenets of your particular sect is deeply immoral and corrosive, regardless of whether or not your particular sect considers it a sin. (Mine does, but I'm not arguing that you must respect religious freedom because it's the Baptist thing to do, I'm arguing that you must respect religious freedom because it is — in nonsectarian terms, for nonsectarian reasons — the just and moral thing to do. It's also the only constitutional and the only legal option here in America.) Really, if you're against gay marriage, don't marry gay. It doesn't affect you in any other way.

Senate GOP Posts Fake Tweets Pretending to Be From Democratic Leaders — Remember when Republicans used to bray about how unethical and immoral liberals are? Oh, wait, they still do. To hell with meeting kettle, pot, look in your damned mirror. (Via Dispatches from the Culture Wars.)

?otD: Is there a Darth, WA anywhere near Vader, WA?

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