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[writing] A bit of this, a bit of that

[info]kenscholes and I continued our excellent Hugo adventures over a nice Italian dinner at DeNicola's yesterday. Suffice to say we have our schtick. More work to be done there, but I'm going to let the anticipation be.

I also worked on the current Sekrit Projekt yesterday. Interestingly, like the Hugo script, in this case I'm also writing outside my normal form. That's an unusual and entertaining challenge for me. It also means all my metrics of throughput and productivity are invalid, so I really can't predict how long this will take me. (I almost always know with a high degree of accuracy how long it will take me to write a short story or a novel. That's part of how I manage my own schedule so well even in the teeth of cancer treatments.) It's kind of like starting over.

Also of potential note, I had a very pleasant lunch a couple of day ago with Jonathan Alexander, a professor at UC Irvine. It was something between a conversation and an interview, but it's always a real pleasure to delve into the art and craft of science fiction with someone who knows way more than I do. I think he was disappointed that I wasn't wearing an aloha shirt.

My main goal for this week are to get this iteration of the Sekrit Projekt done before I slip back into chemo on Friday. Cancer fun really starts tomorrow, as I'll have my port accessed (ie, the needle installed for the weekend) and my blood counts checked in the morning; and tomorrow evening I start on the lovely Zyprexa/Lorazepam combination.

What are you writing this week?

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