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[personal] In Omaha with the Child

I can't in good conscience recommend a cross-country flight the day after finishing a chemotherapy course, but in fact things worked out okay. It would have been a much tougher trip without [info]the_child wrangling me. We made it, however, and even in one piece.

She loved the clouds, got a funny photo of me sleeping after takeoff from PDX, and was impressed by the extensive flooding visible from the air around Omaha.

Jay Eating Mt. Hood
Jay eating Mt. Hood

[info]elusivem met us at the airport in Omaha and ferried us to the hotel, where we also met up with [info]garyomaha. Us travelers wolfed down a late meal, visited a while, then crashed off. I do seem to have survived.

Working Day Jobbery today through Friday, ballooning as weather permits. I'll have to really manage my spoons this week, and if we do go up high, that may affect my online availability. (Ie, oversleeping to get over it.) [info]the_child will be spending time with various friends here while I work, though I am taking her into the office Wednesday or Thursday morning, depending.

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