Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer] A bad night and a busy day/week

Having woken up at 1 am Pacific time yesterday and flown halfway across the country, you'd think I would have slept well in my own bed last night. My GI continues to act up, however, and it's very difficult to fall asleep when you are wrestling with the sensation of "holding it in". Even when there is demonstrably nothing to hold, in the 30-45 minute intervals between bouts of cramping.

So while I was in bed with the lights out for about eight hours, it would be a laughable courtesy to call all but the last few hours 'sleep'. After having a very long, tiring day. That's making today a bit brisk, I'm sure. I have a CT scan this afternoon preparatory to next week's surgery, which is a week from today in fact. My surgical oncologist will be resecting a large portion of what's left of my liver from last time to excise the current metastasis. The CT scan is to check the growth (or, hopefully, shrinkage) of the tumor.

Working today on Day Jobbery and later, Sunspin, but also laying low as possible. Surgical pre-op consult is tomorrow, then I'm off to ReaderCon on Thursday. Busy seems to be my style when I can.

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