Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer|personal] Another bad night

Good day, and a good evening yesterday, but a very bad night. More chemotherapy-induced lower GI issues causing wide ranging sleep disruption and intermittent discomfort. The severity seems to be getting worse, not better. This doesn't bode well for my cross-country flight tomorrow. I may have to resort to the dreaded medication. (Dreaded because taking Imodium to shut down my GI almost always badly overshoots the mark, and I have the converse problem, which really isn't that much of an improvement. I sleep better when I'm constipated, but I'm uncomfortable and after a couple of days stop wanting to eat.)

On the plus side, the borborygmi of the past ten or twelve hours have been spectacular, and even novel in my extensive experience of abdominal acoustic effects. This includes a creaking door, a dripping faucet, and a wide variety of groans. It's enough to make me think a poltergeist has taken up residence in my gut. The only one I haven't heard of my usual wide inventory is the rushing waters.

Meanwhile, I'm already punchy and tired and it's not even 5 am.

Tags: cancer, funny, personal, travel, weird

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