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[cancer] Home Sunday with my sutures

Yesterday was quite a day. [info]danjite and [info]khaybee are staying here for about a week, and they were about. [info]the_child came home from her Seattle sojourn. [info]zellandyne dropped by for a few hours, along with briefer visits from [info]davidlevine, [info]kateyule and [info]maclark2005. Also, all three of my parents. And Mother of the Child. And H—. And her dog.

Me, I presided from my chair, was occasionally fed yummy food from my apparently ever-busy kitchen, while talking, reading A Dance With Dragons, watching various people's YouTube favorites, and, eventually, one my favorite movies, the 1985 Australian release Blissimdb ].

My incision pain was pretty steady and intrusive all day long, but I realized late in the day I was being too low-mobility. The current diet of Ibuprofen and Tylenol doesn't nearly approach Dilaudid or Vicodin for pain control, but my body is a lot happier. Lower GI is still very slow and funky, however. So more moving around for me today, for a bunch of good reasons. I did take a Lorazepam in hopes of sleeping better through the pain last night, results ambiguous from this morning's perspectives. Also doesn't help that it's hot as heck here (by Oregon standards), and I can't how much of my sweatiness is pain related, how much is medication related, and how much is just weather related.

Still, I am expecting a quiet day around the house with whatever visitors muster themselves. I don't figure on leaving again until I go to my post-op followup Wednesday.

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