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[links] Link salad is indolent

A review of Escapement

Pregnancy Porn: Alien Impregnation In Science Fiction

Wittertainment's code of conduct — For cinemas, where apparently the New Rude is asking other people to stop being rude. [info]goulo once got a Coke dumped on him for repeatedly asking two people behind him to stop talking. See also this hilarious bit from Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX. (Thanks to [info]lil_shepherd.)

Steve Buchheit responds to my post yesterday on cancer with some thoughts drawn from his family's experience

Useless Studies, Real Harm — On marketing-driven drug trials.

Weird Moon Crater May Be Crash Site of Old NASA Spacecraft

Russian Nuclear Icebreakers: to the North Pole!Dark Roasted Blend with a photo essay on Russian nuclear ice breakers. Cool stuff.

Killer Cars: An Extra 1,000 Pounds Increases Crash Fatalities by 47% — SUVs are an excellent example of risk transfer. Anyone who drives one in order to feel safer is explicitly choosing to make me more unsafe in exchange.

No, new data does not "blow a gaping hole in global warming alarmism" — There goes that reality with its liberal bias again. Which, as I've pointed out before, is only a liberal bias because of conservative dedication to counterfactuals in the face of overwhelming evidence. Their cynical empowerment of evolution denialism in pursuit of low-information voters has opened the door to legitimizing much wider intellectual dysfunction by privileging opinion over evidence.

European Extremism Scares Arabs

Apple has more cash than the U.S. Treasury — Thank you, GOP. So where's all that prosperity those Bush tax cuts were supposed to bring? Seems to me we did a lot better under Clinton.

Jon Stewart on the conservative obsession with victimization — In case you missed it. "...some of the most free-range, organically grown, disingenous, ideologically marinated, un-self-awareness I've ever seen in the wild."

?otD: What question would you put here?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hours (post-op recovery)
Body movement: 30 minutes stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 8.75 hours (solid)
Weight: 225.2
Currently reading: The Dervish House by Ian McDonald

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