Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[conventions] My Renovation schedule

For those hoping to intersect with me, or playing along with the home game version of "Where's Jay?"... Otherwise I'll be napping in my room or loitering in the bar, most likely at the Peppermill.

Thursday August 18th
8:00 pmLiar's PanelA03 (RSCC)
9:00 pmSidewise AwardsA04 (RSCC)

Friday, August 19th
2:00 pmAutographingHall 2 (RSCC)

Saturday, August 20th
NoonThe Craft of Writing Short Science Fiction and Fantasy
8:00 pmHugo Awards Ceremony (co-host with Ken Scholes)Tuscany Ballroom (Peppermill)

Sunday, August 21st
11:00 amHow I Learned the Craft: Three of My Favorite Books on Writing (Panel)D03 (RSCC)
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