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[links] Link salad slides into Thursday

A sad fate for some Southern womenIn one Virginia town, where there are more churches than bars and hush puppies are served with lunch, women are likely to die nearly a decade earlier than their sisters in the next county. Smoking and obesity are largely to blame.

Half of European men share King Tut's DNA — Born in Arizona, moved to Babylona. (Thanks to my Dad.)

Hungry Neurons = Hungry PersonStarving brain cells can stimulate hunger through a common cannibalistic act, possibly explaining why some dieters can’t resist temptation.

Second moon may have collided with our moon, say scientistsA collision with a smaller moon may explain why the terrains on the far and near sides of the moon are so different.

Graphene from Girl Scout CookiesOne box of shortbread cookies can be made into $15 billion of nanomaterials.

So You're Mad About Something On the Internet — Heh heh. (Snurched from Bad Astronomy.)

Perry V. Schwarzenegger[info]tongodeon with a very good piece on the idiocy that was the conservative defense in the Prop 8 lawsuit.

SpongeBob HitlerPants — A good example of why the rest of us thinks conservatives are nuts. What is with the Right's obsession with light bulbs, anyway?

Anti-gay senator said to have impregnated babysitter — Mmm. Family values. From the party of high minded morality that brought you David Vitter and Larry Craig.

How the GOP lost on the debt deal — I am not convinced by this argument, but it is interesting. (Via David Goldman.)

?otD: Whereas?

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