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[writing|movies] The Hugos and Captain America

Yesterday, [info]kenscholes, [info]mlerules and I went to see Captain America. Ken and I then came home and did a read through and review of the Hugo script.

Read through went fine. I know what else I need to do to the script, and he has some work as well. It'll be fun and funny. And it was nice to be cooking through it. I plan to spend today's writing time, after work, making the revisions we discussed, then I'll maybe hit the WorldCon critique some more. That puts my start date on finishing Sunspin to tomorrow, but I'm okay with that.

As for Captain America, I was entertained, but it never engaged my suspension of disbelief. We saw it in 3D, because that was what was running at the time we wanted to see it. Unlike Avatar, which I saw in 3D IMAX, Captain America didn't really benefit from the 3D. It was like a children's pop-up book. So not worth the money.

Also, I kept wondering how Hydra could run an entire production economy and transportation/logistics system within Nazi Germany without the Nazi government noticing it or doing something about it. And why so many of their military vehicles were Vietnam-era. And what Agent Carter was doing participating in a frontal assault by an American military unit, something that I'm pretty sure would have been inconceivable for a woman to be doing during WWII. And so on and so on and so on.

On the other hand, the Red Skull's roadster was pretty damned cool. I'd like me one of those.

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