Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[writing|process] And more fully back on the horse

After Saturday's misfire, I was quite pleased to lay down 2,800 words on Sunspin Sunday. I also managed to have lunch with my mother (mmm, Russell Street BBQ) and go oh so briefly photosafariing with [info]the_child.

It was a slow start, 2,100 words in a little over an hour fairly early in the day. Then I knocked off and poked the outline for a bit. It bothered me that I hadn't made my 2,500 word minimum, though I often lag the first few days of (re)starting a project, so in the afternoon I sat down intending to write another 400 words, but got 700 more down.

So, yeah, the pump is running. Today we'll see if I can handle a full day's work and an hour or two of writing. I'm still not all here.

Tags: books, child, family, food, process, sunspin, writing

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