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What It's Like Being a Writer

Jordan Plans Green Star Trek Theme Park — Juan Cole on, among other things, science fiction as an international literature. He buried the lede, this piece covers more ground than the headline implies.

Positions of Satellites Around Earth — (Snurched from APOD.)

Three Dwarf-Planet Candidates Found at Solar System’s Edge

Neutrons Become Cubes Inside Neutron Stars — Hip to be square.

Evidence of ancient supercontinent found — Texas and Antarctica sitting in a tree...

Yeast provide clues to evolution of complex lifeSingle-celled life may have transformed into multicell forms to make most of resources.

Ice Cream — And the history thereof. (Snurched from Language Log.)

Alan Moore stands up for Bradley Manning — Ah, moral clarity.

Four Good Reasons Not to Read the Bible Literally — I'm a big fan of intellectual consistency, myself. Which I don't happen to think is inherently incompatible with faith.

ABA urges Congress to reject birthright law — Ok, why is the American Bar Association having their annual meeting in Toronto?

'The Queen of Rage' — Ta-Nehisi Coates on Newsweek's Bachmann cover. As intensely as I dislike her and everything she stands for, that cover photo is a cheap shot and unworthy. The woman fails comprehensively on the merits of her policy positions, there's no need to mock her.

Bachmann: Tea Party QueenWhy Michele Bachmann is riding high going into Iowa. Fundamentally, because she offers comfortable, easy answers to complex questions. Useless answers, as conservative desires nothwithstanding, the real world does do nuance. But it's what scared people want to hear. Being angry is easier than thinking things through, or taking responsibility.

Romney and Mormonism — Of all the reasons to oppose a Romney presidency, being alarmed that he's a Mormon is just idiotic. We have this little thing called the First Amendment, which the strict constructionists on the Right love to forget about when it comes to privileging their pet religions.

?otD: Candy?

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