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[writing] Muddling through

Well, in the first four days of this week (Sunday through Wednesday), I managed to write 11,800 words on Sunspin, hitting my desired pace. Unfortunately, yesterday a combination of mental fatigue and a (serially interrupted) 90 minutes or so on the telephone conferring over the Hugo script with the ceremony’s director kept me from laying down any words. So today I feel very strange about the shortfall.

This despite the fact that I give myself blanket permission to miss up to two writing days a week. Permission doesn’t equal desire, or even acceptance. It’s not like I wasn’t productive yesterday, just that I wasn’t productive where I really most wanted to be productive.

Today will be a bit dicey. [info]the_child and I are leaving not long after work to meet [info]autopope and [info]feorag for dinner prior to [info]autopope‘s reading and signing at Powell’s tonight. Which will be fun and well worth doing, but kind of crowds the writing day again.

I know, I know, I’m complaining about having to host the Hugos and hang out with friends from Scotland. Shut up already, Jay. But writing is, well, writing. Clash of priorities and wreck of the HMS Timeline. At least it’s a good class of problems to have.

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