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[links] Link salad leaves home once more

Cancer’s Secrets Come Into Sharper Focus

Study: Oxygen appeared earlier on Earth

Rethinking The Riots; How Do We Really See Class?

Amid Rise of Multiculturalism, Dutch Confront Their Questions of Identity

What Obama Can Learn From Harry Truman

Who’s Really Responsible For U.S. Debt Downgrade — The GOP is now pretending that they never said default was no big deal. As usual, Your Liberal Media is dutifully reporting the latest GOP talking points as if they were true. Here’s a bunch of Republican pols on the record.

Is Rick Perry a ’sucker,’ or was he just lying?It seems far likelier, in other words, that Rick Perry didn’t get suckered by this urban legend, but was retelling it to his audience in order to sucker them — to sucker them into supporting his candidacy, to sucker them into thinking that government is always their enemy, and to sucker them into thinking that unfettered, unregulated giant corporations are their friends.

?otD: Reno?

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