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Date: 2011-08-18 08:05
Subject: [conventions] Worldcon, Day One
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Not much to report. Traveling wore me out so much that I laid low in my room yesterday, save for one brief errand. I’d kind of expected that, and so had scheduled nothing. I did manage 5,500 words on Sunspin in transit. (Which may be part of why I was so tired.)

Much busier today, with getting reg’ed, lunch and dinner dates/meetings, Hugo rehearsals this afternoon and programming this evening. I’ve already bumped into some folks, including Jeremy Tolbert and Ken Scholes, and quite confidently expect to bump into a lot more folk as the weekend wears on.

I have booked a scooter, but I’m realizing that the logistics of getting from the Peppermill to the convention center and back are going to make it only marginally useful to me. Sigh. Still, it’s clear to me I will wear out too fast if I am not very careful.

It’ll all work out. See some, all or none of you around Reno today!

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