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Jay Lake

[writing] Closing in on Sunspin volume one

I’m in the downhill slide now. I figure another 12-16,000 words from here and I’ll have a wrap on the first draft of Calamity of So Long A Life.

Yesterday was the first day since last Thursday I could write, thanks to the marvels of chemotherapy. It was nice to slip back into the characters and watch them move through the page. I’m of course riddled with self doubt right now … “More characterization” … “Not enough description” … “This sucks” … but that’s all part of the drafting process. And this is definitely a draft. I like it a lot, but I do think it will need more clanky bits later.

Mmm. Clanky bits.

Did you write yesterday? Post a snippet in comments if you’d like. It’ll be like a really odd version of exquisite corpse.

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