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[links] Link salad measures bricks

A sad caseLanguage Log with some fairly amusing linguistic neepery on the passive voice.

For Idaho and the Internet, Life in the Slow Lane — Isn’t that why people live in places like Idaho in the first place?

Rise of the Apes via Miracle Grow — A squib on the cognitive science of the recent Apes movie.

Is Thorium the Biggest Energy Breakthrough Since Fire? Possibly. — As I recall, thorium reactors are an old SFnal trope.

A monstrous truth — Some truths about Social Security for the reality challenged on the Right.

Democracy And Terrorism — Ta-Nehisi Coates on flying while brown, and the politics of terrorism, also with a link back to James Fallows on the same topics.

With No Paid Sick Leave, Philadelphia Woman Fired For Taking Time Off To Save Her Son’s Life — Nothing to see here. No need for any reform of our perfected free market healthcare system. Move along, citizen, and don’t forget, socialism is just around the corner if you show compassion. See how well the market based solution worked here? (Via @twilight2000.)

Peter King in the Hot Seat — in London — Republican chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee challenged on past support of IRA terrorism. Shorter GOP re IRA and forced pregnancy movement terrorism: Guns and bombs are okay if white Christians do it.

In Republican Race, a Heated Battle Over the HPV Vaccine — In which the already wilfully ignorant American Right seems to be tying itself into more knots than usual.

Huntsman Staffer “Sick And Sad” For The GOP After Debate Behavior — Why? GOP politicoes and strategists have been trolling for votes for years by appealing to exactly this kind of crazy. Confidential to Republican staffers in America: You guys have cheerfully spent years shitting the bed the rest of us have to lie in. Why sorry now?

?otD: How thick are you?

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