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[links] Link salad welcomes autumn

Scrivener’s Error with detailed update on the evil that is the Google Books Settlement — Note for newer readers that I am not calling the Google Books project evil. I admire it both as technology and as a social effort. But the copyright issues raised by GBS are profoundly evil to the interests of anyone who is or ever wants to be a content producer. They muffed the licensing badly. I’ve blogged extensively on this in the past, among other places, here: [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ]

What Are the Bounds of Speculative Fiction? — Eric Reynolds speaks from the perspective of an indie press publisher.

Films that are not for the dying so much — Roger Ebert on the portrayal of terminal cancer in film. He’s right, Hollywood often treats cancer as Interesting Soap Opera Disease, where the patient suffers bravely without having the terrible shits or losing their ability to hold a coherent conversation, and finally dies beautiful and sad.

The many noses of Orson Welles — (Via @lilithsaintcrow.)

Dinosaur feathers found in amber — In case you missed this going around the past day or two. Seriously cool.

September’s Harvest MoonAPOD with a poetically beautiful image.

Weather Patterns on a Brown Dwarf — This just kind of boggles me.

Arctic sea ice cover is second-lowest ever — Darn that liberal bias in reality.

Beyond ‘New Atheism’ — I disagree with at least one assertion in this piece. It’s not incumbent upon atheists to prove anything. Atheists aren’t making any improbable assertions in the first place, quite the opposite. We’re arguing the default position, that reality is exactly what it seems to be. To assert invisible, ineffable forces requires considerable proof. Which has never yet in human history been presented to any rational standard of evidence. (Hint: proving God exists by reading the Bible doesn’t count.)

The words still came out of his mouthLanguage Log with a strange piece on, essentially, the privileging of wilful ignorance as the right to be offended.

No offenseSlacktivist Fred Clark on the difference between being offended and being angry. You know who you are.

Pat Robertson: Divorcing a spouse with Alzheimer’s is justifiable — Wow. Just wow. And Christianists loudly proclaim that atheists cannot be moral people? Question to my conservative friends: In Pat Robertson’s America, what’s the free market solution for the newly divorced, disabled spouse? If you don’t believe in social safety nets, what do you believe in? This conservative perspective makes the so-called “death panels” look humane.

GOP should not fall into the trap of being proudly ignorant — Way, way too late for that. Or have you just discovered evolution denial?

Michele Bachmann needles Perry on vaccinations — This is unusually idiotic, even for the American Right.

?otD: What are you doing this weekend?

Writing time yesterday: 2.25 hours (two hours on revisions to Kalimpura, 15 minutes of WRPA)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 7.25 hours (interrupted)
Weight: 222.6
Currently reading: Inversions by Iain M. Banks

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