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[personal] Another page torn from the dream log

I had a very bad night last night with my GI, which meant I was awake or awakening a lot, and spent a fair amount of time in a hypnagogic state as well. This led to a series of linked dreams which had in common the presence of [info]elisem and the implication of [info]pnh and [info]tnh.

In the first act, I was in a hospital, or possibly a clinic setting. I had with me a medical fragile small child, whom I was trying to get in for a series of imaging tests. Mother of the Child had somehow dispatched me on this. No matter where I went in the facility, I was in the wrong place. Or I didn’t have the right records with me. Or the child with me didn’t have an appointment. Or I had to take her to see someone else first, for a referral. These are all classic anxiety dream elements, but it didn’t feel anxious to me within the dream state. Just sort of tedious, same-old same-old. Eventually this child and I ran into [info]elisem, who was there for tests of her own. She explained that the reason I was having so much trouble was that most of the hospital staff were having a cupcake festival, and took me to a common area where there were hundreds and hundreds of cupcakes in every imaginable size, color and style. We stood around, trying to figure out if we could get in line for some of our own.

In the second act, I was at a convention. The production budgets of my dreams apparently having been limited last night, it was in the same physical place as the hospital, except the place was now a combination hotel and mini-mall. A lot of people were dressed as Locutus of Borg, or in similar costumes at the intersection of steampunk and harder SF. I found a nice eyepiece from a vendor, but it didn’t have an actual eyeball — that needed to be purchased separately. I went around looking for an oculus of my own with increasing desperation. I knew I would not fit in if I didn’t have my own artifical eyeball. I blundered into a private sale [info]elisem was having, to the annoyance of her helpers and the other patrons, though she was gracious about it. She explained to me that she did jewelry pieces, not oculae, and really I would have to go somewhere else. She also offered me a cupcake.

In the third act, [info]elisem‘s private sale had moved to the courtyard of a farmhouse in the south of France. (Where in real life my mother is currently vacationing, and sending daily updates by email, just for context here.) There was also a combination of a small convention and fetish party being set up. I had the medically fragile child with me again, and for some reason was now very obsessed with making sure that we all had enough food to eat. Various doms and other practitioners were bringing me samples of their culinary wares, including a rather nice lamb teriyaki with sticky rice. No more cupcakes though.

What did you dream?

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