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[contests] Endurance ARC contest results

A few weeks ago, I announced an Endurance ARC contest [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ]. Only three brave readers entered the contest, which kind of croggles me, so I’m declaring three co-winners!

The winning entries are:

[info]etcet: There were slings and arrows, of course, and while her fortune was anything but outrageous, her accuracy with the slings, arrows, and several other tools of the trade certainly was. Too young to contemplate retirement seriously, and still, in her heart of hearts, enjoying her work to a certain extent, this left her feeling uneasy and a bit untethered.

It wasn’t easy, being Green.

Original here

Trey: What about Green? Sold by her family, raised in cruelty to a specific standard of courtesan, used as a weapon and on and on. She should have broken under all that. But she keeps on. She endures. She grows and changes.

I like her prickly pride, stubbornness, wit and temper. She’s also deadly as a viper. In all of these, she reminds me of Venera Fanning (Karl Schroeder’s Virga series) and Jamethiel Dream Weaver (of P.C Hodgell’s Kencyr series), with a touch of Hezhi from Greg Keyes Waterborn. I like reading about her though I doubt I’d want to deal with her regularly (sort of like Dr. House in that regard), and right now I want a copy of the sequel Endurance to read.

Original here

Greg: Green is a girl of a poor family sold into service of a forign power trained as an assassin and courtesan whom looks back on the stoic bull of her family as a symbol if her separation from her fate…

Original here

So, go you guys for being players! And winners! Please email me with your contact information so I can send out the ARCs. And thank you for playing.

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