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[cancer] An index to my cancer blogging

Lo and behold, my recent project has borne fruit. I now have an index to my cancer blogging. This is an edited down links list, organized roughly by topic, with key posts highlighted in bold.

The goal here is both to help me find my own thread of thoughts preparatory to outlining a nonfiction project or two, and more importantly, to make my cancer blogging at least somewhat accessible to new readers.

One of the most moving and rewarding aspects of my cancer journey has been to hear from patients, their families and their caregivers about how my writing has helped mutual understanding, and sometimes provided words in situations where communication was difficult. These days I receive as much fan mail for my writing about cancer as I do for my fiction. So I felt it would be useful to provide a somewhat organized access to my blogging on the topic.

Doubtless I will be as dreadfully dilatory about maintaining these indices as I am about maintaining my bibliography, but at least it’s a start. I’ve put a link to the index in the sidebar of my LiveJoural as well as on the home page of my Web site. I will try to remember to include the index link periodically in my cancer posts as well, for the benefit of newer readers.

Meanwhile, well, at least there’s some coherence to a great deal of history over the past few years.

I am pleased.

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