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[links] Link salad finds the exhaust port

The Nuremberg Scripts — Some interesting history.

Physicist Cracks BBQ Mystery

Electric plane wins $1.35 million

First Use of Atom Interferometer to Measure Aircraft AccelerationAtom interferometers have always been too delicate to measure ordinary accelerations. Until now.

The Eggs of Price: An Ovo-Urban AnalogyStrange Maps with some curious thoughts on the development of cities.

Why Rape Exceptions for Abortion Don’t Work — A commentary on the people in the forced pregnancy movement who somehow imagine their opposition to abortion is doing good in the world.

We’ll Tell You When To Be Offended, Herman… — Ta-Nehisi Coates on Rick Perry’s hunting camp.

Poll: Rick Perry loses the tea party

Iran Business Partners: Cheney & Reagan, not Just the Koch BrothersNothing will come of it. Koch-backed politicians will go on rattling sabers at Iran even while they find ways to do business with it. They will go on denying global climate change, and denying that breathing gasoline fumes is bad for you. If they do get up a war on Iran, they’ll make money on that, too. No wonder so many conservatives hate George Soros.

?otD: Will someone get this walking carpet out of my way?

Writing time yesterday: 0.25 hours (WRPA despite chemo brain)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 7.5 hours (inerrupted)
Weight: 219.4
Currently reading: The Years of Rice and Salt by Kim Stanley Robinson

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