Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer] Still struggling, getting better

I continue with the odd admixture of being less physically overwhelmed but more mentally and emotionally overwhelmed. My lower GI started acting up yesterday afternoon, unusually early, but the new meds they’ve put me on for that seemed to have helped so far. With luck, they’ll be less disruptive to my wellbeing than the Imodium is.

It’s odd, being in this space. I didn’t have enough brains to write, and barely enough to read. Still, I have kept at The Years of Rice and Salt, even though I seem to need to look at every paragraph twice. My emotions continued to flow all afternoon, simultaneously dammed by fatigue and propelled by the wellsprings of mortality in a constant battle for direction and supremacy.

I hope this new night’s sleep will carry me forward. Today I do feel more myself, more in my own head mentally and emotionally. I have a short story to write and a novel outline to work on, so long as my right brain holds up I’ll be working as best I can.

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