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[personal|cancer] Updatery of interest mostly to my family and immediate friends

Yesterday went well. I had lunch with Mary Robinette Kowal at an Indian place we like, and was careful what I ate. Day Jobbery was what it was, then I got some late afternoon writing productivity done, including the final turn-in of Kalimpura, which has now been formally accepted by [info]casacorona for production by Tor. (Not really final, of course, because there’s copy edits and galley edits and so forth to come, but for most purposes I’m done with the book. And, out of contract for the first time since 2006. There are no more books due. Which is a post for another time.) Also finalized, or nearly so, two outstanding collaborations with [info]specficrider that will probably go out to market this weekend.

Last night was [info]lillypond‘s birthday dinner at a Nice Restaurant, for which I put on long pants for the first time since July. And ate very carefully. Coming home after the cake-and-presents, [info]the_child asked some intense, constructive life questions of my Dad, after which she continued the conversation with me. Parenting, always a surprise. I never fail to be proud of that kid.

Today, I deal with finalizing my taxes, as the extension deadline expires this coming week. I’ve already paid the IRS long since, so this is just paperwork, but it’s still a stressful hassle. Depending on how long that takes and how fuddled I feel, I’ll be back on my writing to-do list. If not today, tomorrow, for the to-do list.

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