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[links] Link salad says Happy Birthday to the Child

Daring to Delve Deep Into Emotion — Urban Fantasy author J.A. Pitts on writers and emotion.

The Moon, waxing poetic — A gorgeous orbital photo of the Moon over the limb of the Earth.

The Falling German Satellite ROSAT: Biggest Questions & Answers

Amusing Burger King Billboard Hack

What English sounds like if you have Wernicke’s aphasia — This is very strange to watch and listen to.

Dear Anonymous: Keep on Shining — A librarian talks very kindly to a narrow-minded Christianist loon.

Bible warning sticker — Hahahahah. For people who, you know, actually read it. As I have several times through over the years. (Via someone who would probably prefer to remain nameless.)

‘In American history, the monsters are real’

Why Rush Limbaugh Is Freaking Out About Occupy Wall Street — Mostly because it isn’t a wholly owned creation and subsidiary of GOP-FOX like the Tea Party. This is a control issue for a man who in many ways has been setting the terms of the national political discourse for the better part of two decades, and finally finds something he can’t readily mock and distort into submission.

Is Occupy Wall Street Changing The Discourse?

What Are the Wall St Protestors So Angry About? — A beautiful, simple graph that tells the story. (Hint: American income inequality is worse than Burkina Fasso’s.)

How News Media and Blogs Have Eyed the Presidential Contenders During the First Phase of the 2012 Race — Note the numbers for Obama’s negative coverage. The truly great victory of conservative political discourse over the past twenty or thirty years has been the pernicious ‘liberal media’ meme. Combined with the wholesale rejection of evidence-based thinking on the American Right, it has brilliantly inoculated the Republican base against any idea, concept or factual information that doesn’t conform to their ideology. Brilliant political strategy for their party, cultural and social disaster for the country as a whole.

Marco Rubio: Son of Cuban Exiles — The GOP’s great brown hope is a son of immigrants who’s lied about his family history to valorize his biography. Cognitive dissonance much?

Why Republicans don’t trust Romney

?otD: Got any birthday girls in your life lately?

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