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[links] Link salad perseverates

[info]talekyn reviews Endurance — He liked it but didn't love it.

iPads Change Economics, and Speed, of Hotel Wi-Fi

NASA Confirms ‘Suspicious Events’ in Satellite Hacking Report — Hmm. Oh wow.

Time Lapse: Crater Lake — One of Oregon's beauty spots, and I've never been there.

Who was Karl Marx? — In American political discource, Marx is a man whose name is invoked out of ignorance to provoke fear.

DOJ Inspector General Retracts $16-Muffin Claim — See all the widespread coverage of the retraction in Your Liberal Media? Not to mention fairly unbalance FOX-GOP?

Is Michele Bachmann dragging the Tea Party down with her? — Quick! Someone throw her an anchor!

DesMoinesRegister.com Iowa Caucuses — A GOP candidate making a factual error on the campaign trail? One that just happens to incite the idoelogical misconceptions of her votng base? Inconceivable.

The Republican Addiction to Attack Politics Has BackfiredThe Serious Republicans built the politics that now so embarrass them, so it's a little late to be overcome by the vapors at the unseemliness of it all. Something I've been saying for ages. GOP strategists and leadership have shit the bed hard over the years. Unfortunately we all have to lie in their crap.

?otD: Did you notice?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hours (chemo fatigue)
Body movement: none (on the chemo pump)
Hours slept: 11.5 hours (solid overnight plus napping)
Weight: 222.4
Currently (re)reading: Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett

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