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[links] Link salad slopes into Saturday

The Top 32 Authors to Follow on Google+ — I find this amusing.

Hulk vs. Ewok — Hahahah. A short video well worth a minute of your time.

My Understandings About Death, Let Me Show You Them[info]cathshaffer writes eloquently and emotionally about death in the wake of her mother's recent passing.

Making the Grade: Why the Cheapest Maple Syrup Tastes Best

‘Pox Parties’ and Bioterrorism — The stupid, it not only burns, it can kill. (Thanks to [info]danjite.)

Blame Ben Franklin for Daylight Saving Time — I've never understood all the moaning about DST messing up people's sleep. You do more disruption to your sleep cycle staying up late Friday night gaming, or going to an evening party, than DST ever will.

Light from alien cities could signal intelligent life out there — Cool idea, but oh, the embedded assumptions.

'A Tourist in Hetero Land' — Ta-Nehisi Coates reflects on what it must mean to grow up gay. Also, some interesting comments on the dialectic of privilege. Speaking as someone who's been beaten pretty thoroughly with the accusation-of-privilege stick, his remarks resonated for me.

Biggest jump ever seen in global warming gases — Whoops. There goes reality with that liberal bias again. If Mother Nature would only listen to Rush Limbaugh, everything would be just fine.

A Dangerous Law and the New Formula of Conservatism — Yes, the victimization of conservative Christians is rampant, isn't it?

Two contests for the GOP nomination — GOP political consultant on the primary process. Our team wants someone authentic, creative, fresh, bold and likeable. And we don’t have much tolerance for too many facts or too much information. In other words, in the GOP we like to be wilfully ignorant. Yep, in conservativeland that pesky reality gets in the way of the anger of the voting base.

?otD: Satyr or faun?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hours (chemo fatigue)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 9.0 hours (interrupted)
Weight: 212.6
Currently (re)reading: Jingo by Terry Pratchett

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