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[cancer|travel] Fly away, little chemo boy

After a trip to the hospital first thing this morning for my CT scan, I am heading to the airport to fly down to the Bay Area for Day Jobbery today. Yes, I am doing this from the depths of chemo, including my now seven days straight of significant bowel distress. Always fun on an airplane, that. Going to be a tricky day.

There's a meeting tomorrow where I am a key resource. Normally I would have day tripped the 6 am flight tomorrow, attended the meeting, and flown back in the evening.

Uh huh, not in my current state.

So I'm taking a midday flight today, then collapsing in my hotel room for the rest of the day. Attending the meeting tomorrow, then collapsing in my hotel room for the evening, then flying back mid-morning Wednesday, then collapsing at my house.

So, no open dinner as I would usually do. Continued blogging is expected. It will be odd to fly and camp out in a hotel and not gobble up that time for writing as I almost always do when away from home. There's a lot of books in my luggage.

The upside is all the logistical brangle around the trip is keeping my usual CT scan freakout somewhat abated. I should know more about that — specifically, whether I am clean of further metastases — Wednesday or Thursday. That in turn will set the tone for next year in a huge, important way.

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