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Jay Lake

[cancer] Riding the wild hose

I have had diarrhea now for nine straight days. For the most part, it's been violently explosive. For the last three days I have not been able to sleep due to trips to the bathroom every hour or so through the night, and being kept awake by the conscious effort required to maintain bowel control. Not always successfully, I might add. Even the fairly heavy duty meds I have been prescribed barely take the edge off this.

The weird thing is when this stuff is going really strong, I'm basically a big bag of water. When I roll over in bed or get up out of a chair, I audibly slosh. My internal sensation is similar, as if there were a couple of gallons of water stashed in my abdomen. And my GI noises, which are manifold and varied at the best of times, are almost completely aquatic now. Sometimes I hear noises like someone pouring water from a jug, or running a hose. I had no idea my body could hold so much fluid.

And it's all about the fluid, believe me. I'm pretty sure I'm getting way dehydrated.

All the digestive misery has strongly discouraged me from eating. Monday I think I might have reached a thousand calories.

So lack of sleep, lack of food intake, dehydration? Just what I need to head into my next chemo session this Friday. And I'm actually looking forward to the chemo-induced constipation as a break from this horror show I'm currently living through.

Extreme diarrhea is an expected side effect of the FOLFIRI chemo cocktail I'm on, but up til now I have not been afflicted with it. I can tell you that I am heartily sick of this. I'll be talking to my oncologist about this Friday — I can't imagine living with this for the next six to eight weeks. I'd like to not be living with it now.

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